Couples Coaching

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Life coaching with couples is as delicate as it is explosive. Only in safety do the wounds reveal, and only with trust do the wounds heal.

No relationship is perfect. Even in cases where you and your partner are happy together, an effort is still required to keep the partnership exciting and dynamic. This is where an A+ comes in handy. Doing Couples coaching with a caring, EMPAThIC professional is a wonderful way to encourage strong communication and self-awareness, and a move toward recovery that will brings lasting fulfillment.

Who Needs a Life Coach: You Do

Life coaches help both couples and individuals. Anyone who is experiencing some type of relational difficulty, or is seeking guidance on how to enhance communication and rekindle their romantic lives, can benefit from their Life coach. Coaching services should not be viewed as a “last resort,” rather, professionals can deepen, improve, and stabilize a partnership.

What Are Some of the Benefits? Reflect & Recuperate!

Rather than simply “moving on” after an argument, couples coaching encourages post-argument communication and reflection. Sitting down and calmly discussing the situation with your partner can provide each party an opportunity to express their feelings while considering an alternate viewpoint.

Your life coach may ask the following questions: How was the conflict dealt with? Why did you decide to handle it in the manner that you did? How can you prevent a similar one from occurring in the future?

Learn from Your Mistakes

Whether you are a few months into the relationship or have been long married, there is always something new to learn. Openly and carefully examining your mistakes will provide you with valuable lessons from which your relationship can prosper and grow. A good couples coach will work with you to identify the underpinnings of your relational struggles, and provides a judgment-free environment in which you may openly and honestly correct these problems. Our relationship with our significant other is perhaps the most challenging relationship we will experience. Both partners must have an open-mind, and an open-heart, if their pain is to subside. It takes great strength to make their bond whole once again. The coach’s aim is to assist the couple mend their broken parts, re-establish mutual respect, encourage intimacy, and help them again find love, happiness and trust. I believe that if a couples coach is to be powerfully effective, he or she must have a great belief in human resilience, and an unshakable belief in the power of two.

Larry Cohen