Whether you choose psychotherapy or life coaching, we will work on enhancing specific life skills. IF YOU STRUGGLE with RELATIONSHIPS, you will learn better COMMUNICATION SKILLS. IF YOU'RE A PROCRASTINATOR, YOU WILL LEARN TO manage it. If YOU want to CHANGe your CAREER, OPEn YOUR OWN BUSINESS, OR experience greater success PROFESSIONally, we will uncover what is holding you back. We will work on strengthening YOUR sense of self-worth, ON improving your quality of life, AND on MEETING your life GOALS. 

When I first met Larry, I was somewhat unsure and unable to find my way. He helped me find my way, and he provided just the right amount of ‘push’ to guide me toward meeting my goals. I did not think much of myself for a very long time. Larry encouraged me to seek out and apply for graduate school. I now have a career that I love, in a profession that I love. The transformation that took place in me and in my life is truly wonderful.
— Rebecca N.

Therapy will help you cope with difficult emotions, and COACHING will IGNITE your CREATIVE SPARK. We will work to identify FRESH STRATEGIES AND NEW WAYS TO IMPROVE your life. I will CHALLENGE your FAULTY THINKING PATTERNS AND teach you how to change BEHAVIORS THAT ARE COUNTERPRODUCTIVE AND GETTING IN YOUR WAY. I will confront you when you lose focus, and I WILL HELP YOU RECOGNIZE OPPORTUNITY WHEN YOU DO NOt. I will continually remind you to be grateful FOR who you are AND FOR THE GIFT OF BEING ALIVE. 

In both therapy and life coaching, I STRIVE TO create a NON-JUDGMENTAL relationship IN WHICH you CAN GROW AND CHANGE at your own pace. I PROVIDE A SAFE, ACCEPTING ENVIRONMENT THAT ALLOWS you to increase your self-Esteem and transform your Life.

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