Larry told me ‘you must understand that you’re in charge of your life and you can choose which direction to go...’ No one had ever said that to me before. No one had ever taught me that I could choose to be an independent, empowered man - that I had a choice. No one had ever treated me like a man. I never got that in my home. Dr. Cohen helped me take my life back.  
— Todd W.

the journey

During my 25-year career as a psychotherapist, I have helped Individuals, couples, and groups to recover from mood disorders, Heal from trauma, Communicate more effectively, AND BECOMe SOBER FROM ALCOHOL AND DRUG ADDICTION. As a psychotherapist, i diagnosED and treatED mental health problems, and my purpose was to provide treatment that effectively lessened or resolved mental health symptoms. clients who improved seemed to had 3 things in common, 1) they were committed to the process, 2) they were open to and embraced new ideas and behavior changes, and 3) they were disciplined and completed assignments. These clients welcomed and were motivated to change. Soon, their MENTAL HEALTH SYMPTOMS LESSENed OR RESOLVEd and they were ready to move on.

Now HEALTHY, a strong DESIRE TO further IMPROVE LIFE AND mEET NEW life goals continues. wHEN ILL, IMPROVING your LIFE AND MEETING New GOALS was often DIFFICULT IF NOT IMPOSSIBLE. It is now time to work on living a HAPPIER LIFE AND achieving New life GOALs. Successful Therapy clients do not stop growing and changing. They keep working.

To guarantee continued growth and success during this new phase of your Life, It is time to BEGIN working with a life coach. Different than therapy and counseling, life coaching does not treat mental illness. Life coaching focuses on individual and relational change, life and professional growth, and increasing personal happiness and satisfaction. Individual, couples, CAREER and business coaching focuses on goal attainment and working toward reaching personal and professional goals. as your coach, my job is to work with you to identify your goals, then DEFINE AND take the steps necessary to achieve them. throughout your coaching experience, My primary goal is to help you create lasting happiness and live the life you've imagined.


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When I first met Larry, I was somewhat unsure and unable to find my way. He helped me find my way, and he provided just the right amount of ‘push’ to guide me toward meeting my goals. I did not think much of myself for a very long time. Larry encouraged me to seek out and apply for graduate school. I now have a career that I love, in a profession that I love. The transformation that took place in me and in my life is truly wonderful.
— rebecca n.


A reasonable expectation is that life coaching will help you change your life and move you toward happiness and fulfillment. Life coaching can help you build a greater sense of self-worth, teach you how to set boundaries in your relationships, help you become a more successful professional, and help you overcome lifelong struggles. If you're a procrastinator, you will learn to master it. If you struggle in relationships, we will focus on communication skills. are you looking to change careers, open your own business, or just be better at your job or profession? Working together, we will address problematic issues along side strengthening your self-esteem, working on how you can be better at what you do, and how you can move closer to meeting your career goals. all of this and more is addressed in life coaching. Coaching ignites the creative spark, bringing with it fresh strategies, new ideas, and new ways to improve. expect me to confront you when you're not focused and on task. I may challenge you to correct faulty thinking patterns and set aside behaviors that are counterproductive and getting in your way. I will help you recognize opportunity when you do not, and I will remind you often of the important of gratitude - for what you have, and for the gift of being alive. I strive to create a Kind, non-judgmental space in which clients can grow and change in freedom. I provide a safe, accepting environment that allows one the space to do the work of self-discovery and begin the process of life transformation.

I have complete trust and faith in Dr. Cohen’s guidance, as much as I would with close family and friends - and at times more so. Larry made it clear that I can count on him if I ever have a question, a concern, or if I find myself in crisis. I am forever grateful and relieved that someone so compassionate and generous as Dr. Cohen is there to help guide me through life’s journey. I thought I had it together - and I did in many ways - but Larry helped me identify my blind spots. I am back on track, having learned new, more effective ways of doing things.
— John R.
Life coaching in New jersey

Getting to success

People struggle to succeed and reach their goals due to internal and external factors. Internal obstacles such as fear of success and self-sabotage prevent you from living a happy and successful life. If needed, we will spend time correcting thinking errors and dysfunctional behaviors. In order to meet your goals, you must have a clear understanding of yourself and the world. You cannot move forward if your foundation is based on faulty beliefs regarding who you are and what your place in the world is. Identifying and correcting internal obstacles will change your life, freeing you up to be more successful and more satisfied. When it is you who is the obstacle to your own success, we will work hard to correct this. sometimes, we are both our own obstacle and our own answer. Resolving thinking errors and changing dysfunctional behaviors will dramatically change your life. I will ask you to show me the evidence that you base your beliefs on - are you seeing yourself and the world correctly? or do you see yourself and the world in a skewed way? Never forget - thoughts lead to emotions, and emotions dictate your behaviors. If you want to change your behaviors, you first have to change your thoughts, attitudes, and faulty way you may see yourself and the world.


Being self-aware is essential to the change process and to creating happiness and success. Perhaps the most important thing I’ve ever learned is that I cannot rely on things outside of myself to esteem myself. You must recognize and accept that you have no control over external factors and that you alone create self-esteem, personal happiness and success. If you rely on external factors to define yourself, feelings of success and self-worth can collapse instantaneously when these external factors change. Success comes from within. Self-esteem based on that which is outside of the self is crazy-making. As you have no control over externals, your life will be in constant flux, dependent on the ups and downs of the externals you rely on. External factors come and go, and you have no control over them. Life coaching focuses on learning to be mindful and self-aware, to create true self-esteem, not other-esteem. Self-awareness is the bedrock upon which success is built. You will experience little or no progress if internal and externals obstacles to your happiness and success are ignored. We will identify any internal and external obstacles that are in your way, and we will overcome them. With focus and hard work, your life begins to change – things begin to click, and there's no better feeling. Soon, your life improves, your goals are being met, and you find yourself reaching farther than you ever dared before.

I came to know a man who provided me, for the first time in my life, something I was never given — a healthy, loving, authentic role model who nurtured and cared for me. He taught me how to be a man. And he showed me that I am lovable. Of this I am certain: what he does is not something that just anyone can do. I have walked in my life a similar path of pain that Larry has walked in his. He is a very special human being. I don’t know what would have become of me had Larry not been there to take hold of my hand when I reached up from the depths.
— Al C.

Next Steps

Individual, couples, career, and one-on-one training sessions take place at my Haddon Township office. Individual and career coaching is also available by telephone. Group trainings at your location are available. Please call for availability and pricing.

Call now to discuss your needs and to discover how coaching can help. What do you need to work on? Where do you want to be? What's holding you back? discover what changes you’d like to make and how to move forward toWARD achievING your LIFE goals.

Professional and executive coaching in New jersey

If you are ready to GET UNSTUCK AND MOVE FORWARD, COACHING IS THE SOLUTION. Whether your goals are personal or professional, the path to success will reveal itself. To succeed, Planning, effort, and sheer will are necessary. you must remain open-minded and committed. Together, we will uncover the life you imagine, and work to transform your imagination into your reality.

To schedule an appointment, please call me at (856) 352-5428 or e-mail me by clicking here. Let’s get started.

Dr. Larry Cohen